Laura's Latin Spiced Amberjack (NAS Jacksonville)

This week, try Latin-Spiced Florida Amberjack. Lean, delicious, high in protein and low in calories! Read more.

BBC celebrates National Night Out!

National Night Out across the BBC properties was another great success! Read more.

Get in Gear for the New School Year

For all school-age children the start of a new school year is already or will soon be underway! Read more.

Today’s reason to celebrate: National Creamsicle Day!

The classic Creamsicle flavor combination is orange and vanilla. So what’s the story behind this delicious treat? Read more.

Lefties, today is your day!

Today marks the twenty-first annual International Left-Handers Day! Read more.

Potted Plants: An Easy Way to Garden

For those who don't have a lot of garden space or live in an environment that is not ideal for growing certain plants, we have a fun and easy solution! Read more.

Community Crime & How to Prevent it

Home invasions usually occur during the day when people are at work and houses are left unattended. So how can you prevent it? Read more.

2014 BBC Foundation Scholarship Recap

Congratulations to our 2014/2015 Scholarship Recipients! Read more.

Red, White and Blue

BB Communities celebrate the fourth! Read more.

Happy Father's Day!

At Balfour Beatty Communities, we want our dads to know just how much they are loved and appreciated! Read more.